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The «HAYASA» company was founded in 1988. At first, the company was engaged only in the production of porcelain and various clay products. Then, due to the general development of the country and the increase in various areas of production activity, the company expanded the scope of its production. Since 1991, HAYASA has been combining production with other branches of this sphere, as a result of which production volumes have been increased, and the scope of sales has expanded. If before 2002 the goods were sold only in Armenia, but today many types of the company's production are sold abroad. In 2002, the organization receives a new impetus due to the acquisition of new equipment, as a result of which production of a completely different quality began.

Today, in addition to high-quality products, the company produces environmentally friendly tandoor made of chamotte clay, exporting its rich assortment to other countries. Since its foundation, the HAYASA company has received many awards and incentives for effective cooperation and professional activity, in particular, certificates, certificates of honor, recognitions, diplomas. This indicates that the company's activities are the result of brilliant teamwork capable of winning key positions in the international market.


Uniqueness and Beauty
Only here you can buy such unique and beautiful tandoor
A wide range of
We have a wide range of different tandoor for your home, apartment or restaurant.
Our tandoors are made of refractory clay, which can withstand temperatures up to 1000 degrees.
Reliability and Longevity!
By buying a tandoor from us, you ensure your reliability and durability
Ease of use
Tandoor does not require special skills and abilities to use, which makes it accessible to all categories of consumers.
Where to buy?
You have the opportunity to buy our tandoor in Armenia, Russia, Europe and America.

Advantages of electric tandoor

  • Ease of use: The electric tandoor provides simplicity and convenience in use. You don't need to take care of fuel or maintain a constant temperature, as is the case with traditional tandoor.

  • Time saving: The electric tandoor heats up quickly, which reduces the cooking time. You will be able to enjoy delicious traditional dishes in no time.

  • Uniform heating: Electric tandoors provide an even distribution of heat inside, which allows you to cook food evenly. This ensures that the dishes will be cooked perfectly, preserving their taste and aroma.

  • Versatility: The electric tandoor allows you to cook a variety of dishes - from meat and poultry to vegetables and desserts. You will be able to experiment with different recipes and enjoy the authentic taste of different cuisines.

  • Safety of use: The electric tandoor works without an open fire, which makes it safe to use even indoors. You can enjoy cooking in a comfortable and safe environment.

  • Environmentally friendly: Electric tandoor does not require the use of coal, wood or other fuels. This means that it does not emit harmful substances or smoke, making it an environmentally friendly and more energy efficient option.

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