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Delivery is free
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You can take it yourself
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Earthenware is a tableware made of natural clay and fired at high temperatures. It has a number of advantages over dishes made of other materials.
Clay is a good natural heat and moisture-retaining material, which allows you to evenly distribute heat and keep warm for a long time, which allows you to keep dishes hot when serving on the table.

Thanks to the natural properties of clay, dishes from it get a special aroma and taste. Clay can interact with products, enhancing their taste qualities.
Pottery is also considered environmentally friendly and safe to use, as it does not contain harmful chemicals or coatings.
In addition to all of the above, pottery has aesthetic appeal due to its natural texture and original design.
The use of pottery adds a special charm to the preparation and serving of dishes, as well as contributes to the preservation of their taste and nutritional properties.

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