Tandoor «OWL»

16000 ֏

In Stock

Height: 65 sm

Width: 35 sm

Neck: 27 sm

Using Space: 50 sm

Weight: 22 kg

Energy consuption: 1.8 kWh

Has 6 places for skewers

Cooks 4 kg meet

Price with 6 skewers։ 20000 ֏

3 storey suspension for fish and vegetables: 3000 ֏

Suspension for grill: 2000 ֏

Complect's price: 25000 ֏

On customer's request the tandoor will be packed in cartoon box

Cartoon box:: 1000 ֏

1) remove the small and large covers from the tandoor:

2) lower the plate for the broth:

3) put the large cover on the tandoor and place the skewers with the meat

4) put the small cover and turn the tandoor on:

5) after 30-40 minutes the barbecue is ready. (No need to rotate the skewers)

6) if desired, you can add small pieces of wood to give barbicue the smell of smoke:

In electronic tandoor you can grill pork, lamb, veal, poultry, fish meat and potatoes. In tandoor on 4 floors metallic stand you can also grill eggplants, tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms, fish, potatoes.

You can use tandoors at home, in background, restaurants, fast food outlets. Our electronic tandoors can be a very good gift for your relatives and friends.