About Us

HAYASA AK founded in 1988. The company was initially engaged only in porcelain and clay's production, in these years one of the largest producers. Since 1991 HAYASA started its production in compliance with the country's development assortment, raising its production added changed and ոaterman sector. Until 2002, on its products, selling not only in Armenia but also abroad. In 2002, the company receives a new impulse, buying latest equipment, the result begins to produce completely different technologies for porcelain. Today in addition to the above mentioned areas, the company produces environmentally friendly alpak TONIRS, but also in CIS countries.HAYASA since the Foundation of reliable operation and effective cooperation received numerous certificates, diplomas, certificates, diplomas. It is noteworthy that the activities of the company, brilliant team work, the result, the team that shapes each person, therefore for each achievement for the company conquest.